Fermenting Vessels for Hire

• Orders exceed capacity?
• Need a quick and efficient way to increase output?
• Turning away sales?

NINKASI Rentals & Finance gives you the highest quality FVs with flexibility to use from as little as twelve weeks. Partner with Ninkasi Rentals & Finance and take your brewery to the next level!

We can supply everything, including chiller, carbonation and much more. All delivered and set up for you.

Contact us at info@ninkasirentals.co.uk for more information.

Advantages to Renting our Tanks


  • Increase capacity from revenue, save precious capital

  • Pay as you use, not up front

  • No procurement time so no delay before ordering

  • Retain flexibility without investing long term

  • Easy to trade up with growth

Brewing Capability

  • Quick access to extra fermenting and storage capacity

  • Brew almost any style of beer including carbonation

  • Flexibility to trade up/down as demand changes

  • Experiment with different beer styles on flexible,

      high-spec equipment

  • Easy to clean, minimise down time

Tank Design

  • Highly efficient thermal properties

  • Fully hygienic interior

  • Highest quality fittings

  • Latest design and specification

  • Large integrated cooling jackets

  • Best quality CIP equipment using less chemicals

  • Less water consumption

  • Less energy on cooling

  • Minimise waste beer

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