For Breweries that:
  1. Have a constant excess of demand over fermenting capacity

  2. Want to launch new beer styles that demand more flexible equipment

  3. Need to grow whilst capital is constrained

  4. Are innovative, entrepreneurial and planning rapid growth

  • Top quality FV’s available at short notice

  • Huge standard specification handling almost all beer styles

  • Pressure rated so suitable for carbonation

  • The latest and best technology available today

  • 20 HL and up

  • Periods up to 5 years

Long Term Rental


Q. Is the equipment the same as for short term rental?

A. The tank is the same but it is assumed that you will integrate the tank with your existing chilling and temperature control system. You can still choose to receive the same chiller, valve kit and/or carbonation kit as supplied on short term rental.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. We charge a monthly rental, the quantum of which depends on the size of the FV, and the period you want to rent the FV for. For a 20 HL FV over 5 years rentals start at £250 per month + VAT.


Q. How long does it take to get delivered?

A. If in stock we would aim to deliver within two weeks. If in production it may take longer but we expect a significantly shorter lead time than you would achieve elsewhere.


Q. How do you deliver?

A. We have a purpose modified truck that will reverse up to roughly the final location of the tank, raise it to vertical and rest it on the floor. Final positioning can be made with a FLT/or pump up via specially fitted lifting plates.


Q. What does delivery cost?

A. We have fixed fees for delivery, in England and Wales we charge either £250 + VAT or £400 + VAT depending on tank size. For Scotland and NI please contact us for costs.


Q. Do you need a deposit?

A. No. But the first rental will be larger than the subsequent rentals, typically £1,000 + VAT.


Q. How are rentals collected?

A. Rentals are collected monthly by Direct Debit. The first rental is collected ahead of delivery, then monthly until return of the tank.

Q. What if I want to return the tank? (flexible term only)

A. The minimum hire term is 12m, after which you can give 90 days notice to end the hire, whereupon we will arrange to collect the tank from you. There is a collection charge of £250 + VAT or £400 + VAT spending on tank size.

Q. How do I apply?

A. We aim to be easy to deal with so best to either email us with your requirements, or fill out the contact form here. Alternatively give one of us a ring to discuss.


Q. What information do you need?

A. As this will be a longer term financial commitment, and t comply with legislation, we will need to make some credit checks on the Brewery, and possibly its directors and shareholders. This will include the most recent set of full accounts for the brewery.


Q. Can I choose my own tank specification?

A. Ninkasi tanks are carefully specified to include everything required to ferment and condition most beer types so no changes will be necessary.

Q. Can I buy a tank from you?

A. Yes, we can supply new Ninkasi tanks, and we may from time to time have ex rental tanks available for purchase. If you are hiring a tank and decide you would like to keep it then please contact us to discuss what options are available.


Q. I have ordered a FV from another supplier but I like the idea of renting it? Is there anything you can do?

A. It is possible we may be able to offer a rental on another manufacturers tank so please contact us to discuss.

Q. Am I able to purchase a tank that I have been renting?

A. We realise that circumstances can change over time so we will be happy to discuss moving from hire or rent to outright purchase, and always at a fair market value.

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