For Breweries that:
  1. Have a short-term production shortfall

  2. Are regularly turning away sales but not sure if the demand is permanent

  3. Want to experiment with different beer styles but don’t have the equipment

  4. Want to try before they buy

  • Top quality FV’s available at short notice

  • Huge standard specification handling almost all beer styles

  • Pressure rated so suitable for carbonation

  • The latest and best technology available today

  • 20 HL and up

  • Hire periods from 12 weeks

  • Supplied and delivered

  • Completely self-contained – just plug in and start!

  • Includes chiller, temperature controls, and all ancillaries


Short Term Hire


Q. How much does it cost?

A. We charge a weekly rental, the quantum of which depends on the size of the FV, and the period you want to rent the for. For a 20 HL FV over our minimum 12 week period the cost is £190 per week + VAT.


Q. How long does it take to get delivered?

A. If we have a short term rental unit currently off hire then as little as a few days. Otherwise we would hope to have further units available within a few weeks.

Q. How do you deliver?

A. We have a purpose modified truck that will reverse up to roughly the final location of the tank, raise it to vertical and rest it on the floor. Final positioning can be made with a FLT/pump up via specially fitted lifting plates.

Q. What does delivery cost?

A. We have fixed fees for delivery, in England and Wales we charge either £250 + VAT or £400 + VAT depending on tank size. For Scotland and NI please contact us for costs.


Q. Do you need a deposit?

A. Yes, the tanks we use are very valuable and can be damaged through accident or misuse. We therefore collect a £500 (£750 for 58 HL) returnable deposit prior to delivery, and this is returned within seven days of collection if everything is OK.


Q. How are rentals collected?

A. Rentals are collected weekly by Direct Debit. The first rental is collected together with the deposit ahead of delivery, then weekly until return of the tank.

Q. How do I apply?

A. We aim to be easy to deal with so best to either email us with your requirements, or fill out the contact form here. Alternatively give one of us a ring to discuss.


Q. What information will you need?

A. Basic information regarding the Brewery, its directors, and the most recent set of accounts. This is to ensure we comply with legislation, and can do basic credit checks.

Q. What happens if I damage the tank?

A. Any damage should be reported straight away and we will work with you to assess its extent and impact. You will be liable for any damage that you cause so it is a good idea to check if your brewery insurance extends to hired equipment.

Q. What happens if I want to move the tank?

A. Our standard terms do not allow customers to move tanks so please contact Ninkasi Rentals to discuss.


Q. What cooling system is supplied?

A. A freestanding chiller will be supplied with all pipework and connections for the tank sufficient to allow some flexibility in siting the chiller in a convenient location near the tank. The chiller will be pressurised and the fluid it uses is glycol based, the system is pre-filled with food grade fluid. COSH data sheet available.


Q. How is the temperature controlled?

A. Everything you need is supplied, including sensor, digital display and control circuit. You can also monitor and control the temperature remotely over the internet, or from your phone.


Q. How do I clean the FV?

A. As with all stainless steel tanks it is important to use appropriate chemicals and thoroughly rinse with clean water. An instruction sheet will be supplied with the tank giving a recommended cleaning process.


Q. Can I request a different specification?

A. Ninkasi tanks are carefully specified to include everything required to ferment and condition most beer types so no changes will be necessary.


Q. What electrical supply do I need?

A. 240v single phase – 16A blue socket near to the tank/chiller location.

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